Another view -- a marathon volunteer

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I really don't want to have two blog posts in a row about running, but I can't help it. While January 8 marked my one year anniversary since my first Walt Disney World Marathon, today was actually this year's race day (and a special one at that marking the 20th anniversary of the race itself). As I can see by all the posts and pictures, it WAS A HOT DAY with heat advisories in the area!! Ouch! Temps were about average for us last year, really heating up towards the tail end because it was nearly noon when I finished.

As I was looking at Run Disney's Facebook page, I sit here crying my eyes out -- mainly out of joy for all of the runners who finished the half and full marathon this weekend, but also feeling great pain for all of those who did NOT finish (either because of injury or not making the time cut.) While runners and family members posted on the wall about their great achievements, I have also read a lot of posts from volunteers and how the runners have inspired them. I have yet to volunteer at a race and I really hope to do so some day (maybe Broad Street or the Philly Half/Full Marathon.) From personal experience I know how much these individuals keep your spirits up and encourage you by yelling your name when all you can think about is quitting. It is absolutely a goal I hope to complete sometime during my life.

Here are some Facebook posts from Disney volunteers this weekend:

Congratulations to all of you athletes, regardless of whether or not you got swept! It was such a privilege to see you all run past me as I volunteered at mile 19. You guys were all amazing and I can't wait to some day be able to say that I did the same! Even if you got swept, just remember, you ran more than any of the volunteers did! Lol.

I volunteered at the half marathon yesterday handing out water after the finish line and must say it was a great experience! The gratitude of all the participants was overwhelming! Truly a magical day!

Volunteered to work the marathon today for my first time. So much fun with a great group of people. Actually might put myself into training and do one of these marathons. — withJodie Piotrowski-Smith and Jen Mills.

I'm a cast member at wide world of sports and this weekend has been so inspiring to me. Men and women of all shapes and sizes going out there giving it their all and accomplishing their dreams and goals. It has inspired me to start training and my goal is to do the wine and dine even though I am overweight. Thank YOU for all that you did and it made me proud to cheer you all on! You should all be extremely proud.

I echo the sentiment expressed by others. This was a tough day with the sun, temp and humidity. I want to thank the calm people at the medical tent who explained the reason my fingers were swollen. I also want to thank the volunteer that offered her chap stick when I asked if any was available. Another awesome Disney experience...hats off to the Race Director...Well Done!

Thank again for a wonderful experience Disney!! The marathon course was one of the best I have ever run! Crowd support was great and most of all the course support was perfect on a warmer humid have some of the best volunteers out there!

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