2013: lets try this thing called life again

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy holidays friends!!! It's a new year which means new beginnings. Yippee!! Please excuse my absence for the last two weeks -- they were a bit crazy. I ended my job at The Reporter, I started my new job at the Merion Cricket Club and I was able to get a 10 day vacation that was filled with family, friends, drinks and fun. I promise I won't go that long again. #scoutshonor

When it comes to the new year, one thing comes to mind: RESOLUTIONS. Mary is going to give up chocolate. Tommy is going to go to the gym at least five days a week. Bob is going to try to stop cursing.

Something about using the term "resolution" makes it more stressful in my mind; that if I don't complete them, I am a failure. So that is why this year I have created some goals -- goals to me are always obtainable because completing it even just ONE time is a success with a goal.  (you may disagree with my mind set but hence the saying 'I agree to disagree.')

While 2012 was a year filled with the birth of my beautiful niece, seeing one of my best friends tie the knot to the love of her life and me getting both a promotion/starting a new job, 2012 is without a doubt going to go down in history as most likely the worst/toughest year for my family and I. But as I told my sister, we say "smell ya later 2013" and make 2013 our bitch.

So here we go 2013 -- hang tight, you're filled with weddings, trips and a fresh slate.

 Goals for 2013
- Use my computer at my new "home office" in my bedroom where I will continue to blog/write. Limit my computer use when on the couch and instead pick up on my reading game. (Goal of reading at least 13 books this year -- def doable.)
- Make an effort to use my new Cannon Rebel camera more than my iPhone. It's a bad ass camera and should be used. Love all of my photos from it so far.
- Be a great MOH/WOH for one of my greatest friends in the world.
- Move out of my parents house and start a new chapter with Gatsby boy <3
- Appreciate life more -- stop being so negative and be grateful for what I DO have and those who truly love me/are there for me. Get away from poisonous people, they will only bring you down with them. It's time to 'Take Your Pic' on your outlook in life.

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