Who invited the Santas?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Last night I headed down to XFINITY Live! for a random/adventurous night of drinks, socializing and fun with a few friends.  When I got there the place was dead, only about 10 people inside Broad Street Bullies pub -- a crew of dudes and two girls having a night out on the town.

After talking to an annoying New Jersey bartender who gave me her full life story about how she doesn't drink any drinks that are the color blue (this came up because the bar had a "trash can" special that equalled some blue liquid, vodka, rum and a Monster energy drink) I thought to myself 'welp, it's gonna be a long night if this girl keeps talking to me about Jersey, her hate for blue and some type of Skittles bomb.' ::In one ear, out the other::

What I was expecting to be a pretty calm night quickly took a 360 and fun was about to happen!!! As I'm sitting on the bar stool I hear a rowdy bunch come through the door. I glance, then quickly took a double take. All of these people were dressed in Santa suits. OOOOHHH hell yes, this looks like fun.

One drunk, two drunks, three drunks.... nearly 200 drunk Santas -- along with a few guys dressed up as Christmas trees, a few dudes as Buddy the Elf, a few slutty girls in Mrs. Claus outfits and a few chicks as reindeer -- came strolling in.

I spoke to one Santa who told me they were a group from West Chester that filled three charter buses and they were on a Santa bar crawl -- they were at Chickie & Pete's, then Xfinity, then to Manayunk, then I am unsure as to where next but I saw their buses later in the night in Olde City so they sure made their rounds. Santa also told me that all of the money from this group was towards charity. Well done, Santas, well done.

I wanted to make it a goal and sit on every Santas lap last night, but after seeing them all flood in I knew it was going to be impossible. I spoke to a few cute Santas and got two free beers out of it so I'll take it!!

I would like to say thank you to all you Santas for making a what I'm sure was going to be an average night into a true adventure. 
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