Website Wednesday: Crock pot paradise

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A slow cooker .... a crock pot .... whatever you shall call it, it's a genius invention! And that is exactly why crock pots are being featured today on Website Wednesday.

I was at work the other day and popping up on my Twitter feed I saw @crockpotgirls  is currently hosting a 30 Day Crock Pot Challenge. 

Intrigued by the Twitter post, I had to check it out. Sending me to their Facebook page, I had the chance to learn about all the rules: 

Rise to the 30 Day Crock Pot Challenge! Crock at least one dish every day for 30 days straight! 

Choose if you will make breakfast, lunch ,dinner or dessert on any day. 

1 - Post what you are crocking every day (here or on the Crock Pot Girl main FB page). We'll keep track and announce everyone who completes the challenge!

2 - If you are piling up with leftovers, I suggest that you make a dessert that day instead, a soup that you can freeze, or breakfast! 

3 - The crock pot just HAS TO BE CROCKING EACH AND EVERY DAY. 

4 - Repeat meals are permitted, as we all know, families have their favorites!

My personal opinion?? I think this challenge absolutely rocks!! I am a frequent crock pot cooker: just made roast beer on Monday, can make a mean pulled pork sandwich, and have yet to dabble with soups (although I think my first take will be a corn and chicken chowder yummmm yum!) I'm really looking forward to the day I get my own place so I can cook out of the little mini crock pots. Dinner for one, thank you very much :) 

While I know most of us missed the challenge, I think this could be something fun to try out yourself. It doesn't have to be 30 days straight, but maybe challenge yourself to cook a meal once a week in that crock pot you HAD to have on your bridal shower/wedding gifts. Try new meals, make your boyfriends/husbands/wives/girlfriends be your tester.

Being that she is the crock pot queen, here are some of Jenn Bare's crock pot recipes that I thought sound delicious. I also promised my bestie Ashley Raffle that I would give her some new ideas. Bon appetite!!

Main course: Crock Pot Fajitas 

Are you now drooling? No worries, her site is full of drinks, desserts, main dishes and much more. Enjoy! 
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