Tunes Tuesday: A New Found Glory in an old love

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Being a writer I feel as though I am strong at expressing things: emotions, thoughts, dreams, goals, whatever it may be. But there is one thing in life that for some reason words can not do justice; for some reason the feelings and passion that sits within my soul, my body, MY BONES, can not be expressed. And that is through music. Is anyone else like this? Can you simply not put in to words how much songs and lyrics mean to you? I find myself muted, unable to dialect what I am feeling as guitar rifts and drum fills fill my ear drums. But I am completely ok with that because my heart bursts and my body feels completely whole at the sounds of some songs and certain bands. It's my euphoria. 

On Sunday I had the chance to see one of my all time favorite bands, New Found Glory, at the TLA with my awesome cousin, Tyler. (Well, I kinda made him come with me because no one else was interested, but whether he was in or not I was either riding solo or he was going to be my partner in crime. He got a free ticket and cheesesteak!) 

Most people will read this and say to themselves, "Christ, these guys are still around?" Simple answer, YUP. I first got into NFG in 9th grade when my friend Kimberlee introduced me to these guys and I have been hooked for nearly 15 years. While I have been to over 10 New Found Glory shows this one on Sunday was super special because it was their Sticks and Stones 10th Anniversary Tour, so all they did was play songs from that album (and about eight others which were all classics!!) 
Instagram @ampiccirilli

Instagram @ampiccirilli

Instagram @ampiccirilli

Instagram @ampiccirilli

They played the album in its entirety, in the order it is on the record. Song after song they brought back so many memories: like my high school boyfriend and now good friend Mike and how we would write school notes to each other and include song lyrics, and like the time Mike, Aaron, Ashlee and I snuck down to the city on the train to see a show, and how these lyrics relate to current issues/relationships in my life yet the songs had different meaning to be 10 years ago. It's nuts!! 
Hahah this was from about 10 years ago where we snuck on the train to the concert, meet the entire band after the show and everyone signed my shirt. That is actually a LIGHT grey t-shirt which turned into heather grey from sweat. Cant believe I use to crowd surf and get in the pit. NUTS!!

Some of you may not give two shits about today's post but I can't help but have some much love for this post. For the album, for it's lyrics and so many emotions that are dear to my heart. So here is the album, check it out on iTunes or Spotify. There are definitely some songs you all know, always good to listen to an old throw back. I'm also including some of my favorite lyrics incase anyone is looking for a lyric to through in your Facebook status or Twitter feed, because lets be honest, we use social media as a way to express ourselves to make people think they know what is going on with you without you really having to tell them. 

Sticks and Stones (2002)

Track 1: Understatement "don't worry your pictures are already burned"
Track 2: My Friends over You <--- classic you alllll know
Track 3: Sonny "Every breath that you remember. Pictures fade away, but memories last forever."
Track 4: Something I Call Personality "Before you jump to conclusions about all the friends I have. Just remember they were born that way." 
Track 5: Head On Collision "And it feels like I'm at an all time low. Slightly bruised and broken from our head on collision." 
Track 6: It's Been A Summer "It's burning up in here, even though the bed is cold on your side. I'd rather die than spend this night here without you." [possibly my favorite song/lyrics from the entire album]
Track 7: Forget My Name 
Track 8: Never Give Up "Don't back down. I don't really care about before, before you met me."
Track 9: The Great Houdini 
Track 10: Singled Out
Track 11: Belated
Track 12: The Story So Far  "I can't remember the time or place, or what you were wearing. It's unclear about how we meet. All I know it was the best conversation that I've ever had. To this day I've never found someone, with eyes as wide as yours. I've been searching up and down this coast. Overlooking what I need the most." 

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