Monday Madness: Life is full of madness

Monday, December 3, 2012

I love how it’s time to post for Monday Madness and that is what my life has been all about lately – MADNESS. Pure madness. (This video goes out to you S.G.)

While life in general is a little crazy right now (which I am not going to get into), I had a bit of a curve ball to my Monday (well technically my Sunday, your Monday.) It was a day filled with appointments and plans, but a call at 7 a.m.  from my sister which has me playing Aunt Amanda the babysitter/caregiver/servant because Maxie is sick today.

Jack (L) and Max (R) -- I love these hambones! 

What started out as an okay start had us hit a bit of a speed bump this afternoon with Max getting sick, throwing up all over, me cleaning up both him, my car AND the driveway.  But so far, we’re ok again, him demanding more food because he’s hungry and me being told he’s ready for dinner (it was 2 p.m. when he asked for this.) He is back to his bossy 3-year-old self again so that is a good sign. Annndddd.... he's out for the count. Poor baby! :(

For my Monday Madness report, I tip my cap to single moms and dads all over the world; in particular my sister who is raising three beautiful kids.

Juggling work, schedules, sports teams, illnesses – I’ve seen you do it all, Missy, and I hope I am HALF the mom to my kids as you are to Jack, Max and Quincy.  Bless the hearts of parents, day care workers, school nurses and all other individuals who tend to children on a daily basis. These last seven months I have been more involved in my nephews’ and niece’s life more than ever, and it really has me appreciating parenthood and a real wake up call to the MADNESS of what being a parent is all about. 
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