Carrie Underwood blew me away

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Last Wednesday night I had the opportunity to see Carrie Underwood in concert at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia with my mom. I am happy to say that her "Blown Away" tour blew me away!!

My mom and I headed downtown early so we didn't have to deal with much of the after-work traffic. We cruised right down and made reservations at Broad St. Bullies Pub for dinner. Not going to make this into a food review but my take on Broad St. Bullies Pub: I was not impressed. I dealt with a sassy hostess the second we got there.  Our waitress was good, but the food was only ok. We got our appetizer with no silverware or plates, and we were basically finished by the time it arrived. My mom and I both got the Pattison Ave. burger. Our buns were not tossed at all so we had a burger on a bun that was SOAKED in butter. Pretty gross - easy to say I will not be going back there for food, drinks sure.

But on to the fun -- so after dinner we headed into Wells Fargo and before we knew it, it was show time. Hunter Hayes was the opener. The spicy little (yes, he's only 5'6") southern boy made teenage girls SCREAM their brains out with excitement. I only knew his song "Wanted" which he performed amazingly. While all of his songs were good, a song that stood out to me was "Everybody's Got Somebody But Me." 

Then it was on to the real star, Carrie Underwood.

She warned us right from the start of her show that if we have anywhere to be we most likely won't be getting there on time because she has a lot to sing and perform. Boy was she right. Carrie sang for nearly two hours and I am AMAZED at how she can belt out songs like this day in and day out.

She played old songs, she played new songs. She had the crowd energetic the whole time and she looked stunning with every wardrobe change. Granted, I didn't know every song of hers but I stood on my feet the whole time and had a blast dancing! I waited all night to hear "Blown Away" which she used as her finale song. (Obvi, this is what the tour is based off of)

I was able to grab a few photos and took a few videos. I hope you all enjoy :)

Sorry, I had to. This sweatshirt was tears! 

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