Website Wednesday: For the dog lovahs

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It’s the holiday season -- LET THE STRESS BEGIN!!

You have to figure out what to buy -- does your receiver already own it? Will it fit them? Did you spend enough money? Should I buy them something even though they won’t be buying me something? Maybe I should put down that fifth cookie… (oops!)

Picking out a holiday present is always tough but there is one person in particular who won’t give you any lip. YOUR PET!

My college friend, Michaela, is absolutely like me (in many ways: hobbies, interest, movie taste, etc.) but most importantly she has an unconditional love for animals, especially her two pups: Harold and Henry. (I'm determined to get Gatsby a play date with this dynamic duo, but shes in Pittsburgh. womp womp. But come on, how CUTE are they!!!)
Harold (L) and Henry (R)

She is a pet foster mama and is always willing to open the doors of her home to those in need. Michaela's heart is bigger than any other's I've ever met. 

She happened to introduce me to an amazing website- - just in time for Website Wednesday.

If you’re looking for some holiday flare for your pets, this is a great place to check out! Sweaters, bow ties, hankies, you name it. 

What is also awesome and what I found to be amazing customer service technique, is that someone with the website contacted me via chat box to see if I needed help during my visit to the site. If that’s not customer service, I don’t know what is. Rock on,, you’ve won my vote.

Have fun shopping this holiday season, but most importantly, don't forget man's best friend. They deserve to look just as stylish as you do and just as spoiled! 

I just bought Gatsby a holiday sweater this year, now we just need to find an Ugly Sweater party to attend :)

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