Website Wednesday: For the dog lovahs

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It’s the holiday season -- LET THE STRESS BEGIN!!

You have to figure out what to buy -- does your receiver already own it? Will it fit them? Did you spend enough money? Should I buy them something even though they won’t be buying me something? Maybe I should put down that fifth cookie… (oops!)

Picking out a holiday present is always tough but there is one person in particular who won’t give you any lip. YOUR PET!

My college friend, Michaela, is absolutely like me (in many ways: hobbies, interest, movie taste, etc.) but most importantly she has an unconditional love for animals, especially her two pups: Harold and Henry. (I'm determined to get Gatsby a play date with this dynamic duo, but shes in Pittsburgh. womp womp. But come on, how CUTE are they!!!)
Harold (L) and Henry (R)

She is a pet foster mama and is always willing to open the doors of her home to those in need. Michaela's heart is bigger than any other's I've ever met. 

She happened to introduce me to an amazing website- - just in time for Website Wednesday.

If you’re looking for some holiday flare for your pets, this is a great place to check out! Sweaters, bow ties, hankies, you name it. 

What is also awesome and what I found to be amazing customer service technique, is that someone with the website contacted me via chat box to see if I needed help during my visit to the site. If that’s not customer service, I don’t know what is. Rock on,, you’ve won my vote.

Have fun shopping this holiday season, but most importantly, don't forget man's best friend. They deserve to look just as stylish as you do and just as spoiled! 

I just bought Gatsby a holiday sweater this year, now we just need to find an Ugly Sweater party to attend :)

“Write drunk, edit sober”

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A little over two years and four blogs later, I’ve decided enough is enough. I’m ready to blog what I want, what I feel, what I LOVE!!

For some reason I’ve always thought a blog and its title/content/expression needs to be on one topic; on one subject. Cohesive and consistent. But you know what, I’m over that thought.

I’ve had a total of four blogs now: one highlighting events, one highlighting my social media experience, one about my love for baking and my most successful blog that documented my training for my first marathon. 

This blog, my most recent, I’m going to be keeping it and sticking with it. I named it “Take Your Pic” for a reason – and that is exactly what I am going to be doing. I’m going to take MY pic(k) and write about what I love, what I enjoy, what I want to share, WHAT I FEEL.

A few months ago I came across the Ernest Hemingway quote “Write drunk, edit sober.” The day I read that quote, it really did change my life. I’m not going to go into my interpretation of this quote, but from experience (sad to admit) you usually say what you mean when you’re drunk. So here I am, drinking away on that funny cool aid!  

After talking over dinner with my friend Jessica Lawlor - who has an INCREDIBLE blog by the way – she said something to me that I took to heart. She said “You know what, I write about what I want. If people want to read it, GREAT, if not, they can always click off the page. It’s my blog and I’m going to do what I want.” AMEN SISTER.

So here I am, making a pledge today that this blog is going to have a bit of a transformation and HOPEFULLY more content, more frequently. I’m a true believer to trust your gut and that is something I should have done almost two years ago. For content (which is what I ORIGINALLY wanted to do) I’m a big lover of themed days: Mission Monday, Tunes Tuesday, Website Wednesday, Text Thursday and Fun Friday. (Why didn’t I just do this from the start, I’m not too sure.)

Of course there will be random posts, missed entries, lame weeks and completely random stuff on here, but so what, that’s who I am – LA DOLCE VITA!

Thanks to my bff Ashley for taking the photo, here I am getting my "La Dolce Vita" tattoo back in September 2010 in Baltimore. It's one of five tattoos I have. Did you know I have that many?!?!  SURPRISE! 

I’m ready for the new ride, the new feel, the new taste of expressing who I really am and what I really love to blog about. 

I will leave it up to you: “Take Your Pic” at what you want to read. 

Let it snow, let it snow!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

GUEST BLOG: 'Party in the U.S.A.'

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Everyone meet Donavan and Kyle. She is one of my beautiful and talented best friends and Kyle is her amazing husband! 

Donavan started her blog, A Marathon Runner's Wife, in July of this year to document Kyle's (and her own) journey as he prepared for his first marathon (which he KILLED the last weekend in October.) Now that the marathon is over, Donavan is still using her blog and I loved her post today.

For those of you who are looking for a fun read on this Election Tuesday, check this post out:


Tunes Tuesday, Volume 12

Happy Tuesday – and Happy Election Day! I don’t like to talk about politics (for many reasons!) but I do think that it’s incredibly important to get out and vote. People die every day for the right to democracy so I think that voting is something every American should do every time the opportunity is presented. And now I’m off my soapbox. :)
Although elections can be terribly polarizing, they also have a way of making me feel incredibly patriotic. Go figure. So, in honor of the good old U-S-A, I am dedicating this Tunes Tuesday to a real American song. A song that makes red, white and blue pump through your veins. A song that makes us all proud to be citizens of the greatest country in the world. A song by … MILEY CYRUS?
You think I’m kidding? I’m not. Today’s song is none other than “Party in the U.S.A.” by Miley Cyrus. You may be thinking, “She just called the election polarizing? What’s more polarizing than Miley Cyrus?” Well, save your opinions, friends – because we live in a democracy and I can like any song that I want. It’s my right!

For the full post click here 

Election 2012: @LansReporter building content from voters

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A helping hand to pick up after Sandy

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Since Monday, my coworkers and I have been listening to the community talk about the struggle they are facing as Sandy swept through our region - taking out homes, power lines, trees and affecting the lives of millions.

Post after post on The Reporter’s Facebook page we here “I’m out of power,” “I can’t get my medicine,” and “I lost all of my food!”

Some of my closest friends (both here in PA and NJ) and my coworkers were sitting in the dark and cold for DAYS, complaining about how awful it is and my heart ached with every conversation.
While I sat at my desk the other day, something inside me said ‘I need to do something to help the community, I need to lend a hand in any way I can.’

But how?

Then the light bulb went on. Here was my Facebook post at 3:20 p.m. on Wednesday: 

Readers – after talking with so many of you and hearing your struggles of power loss, The Reporter is opening its doors to our Community Media Lab tomorrow and Friday, Nov. 1 and Nov. 2. 

The Community Media lab is not fully renovated at this time (it will be having a complete transformation at the beginning of next year) but with a crisis like this, we know having access is much more important than not having it at all.

We have several laptops for your use to check emails, pay bills, etc. There are plenty of power cords to use to charge cell phones, laptops and other devices. If you are a group or organization that would like to hold a monthly meeting or gathering, please feel free to contact Community Engagement Editor, Amanda Piccirilli, at to set up a time to use the space. 

If you would like to warm up for a while, please stop by The Community Media Lab which will be open on Thursday from 3 to 6 p.m. and Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Please share with your friends.

With our Community Media Lab not fully updated AT ALL, I knew having this place open is better than not having any space available at all. We have plenty of plugs and plenty of resources.

So here I sit on Thursday in our Media Lab…

We did not have one person come in today and I am unsure about the result for tomorrow, but I hope the community knows both myself, and The Reporter, are there for them.

We are just like you all – just a normal person who lives in the community wanting to give aid - and this is the best way I can reach my hand out to support others (with plugs, computers and internet haha.) Just knowing people saw the gesture (which I can tell nearly 30 people did by “LIKES” on Facebook and whomever read it in print) really warms my heart. 
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