Insta-user, I'm an Instagram junkie

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm an Instagram junkie. I absolutely love it.

I use it for my personal use, my dog Gatsby has an Instagram account and I use Instagram for work.

You can use it just for photos or you can use it as an interaction between writers and readers by creating contests (which is something I am still struggling here with at The Reporter.)

There is something about pictures that words can not express. Being a journalist, I think I do a great job telling a story/painting an image in the readers head as they read the text.

But when I look through my camera (to be specific my iPhone4), the world is completely different.

This week I spoke with Ashley Campbell, online and community engagement editor at The Times Herald,  and I encouraged her to have her writers create an Instagram account and use it while covering events/breaking news. Readers love to read, but they also love to see.

After taking all these photos I use Storify which lets me use all of the photos I have captured and create a story.

I really think Instagram is something all journos/writers should consider. Pictures tell an amazing story, sometimes more than the wise words you type.

Last week's carnival in Upper Gwynedd Township is an example of where I think Instagram BLOWS AWAY my story that was in print on Sunday. Take a look at let me know what you think. Enjoy :) 

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